The Spirit of England - A London Christmas - 2016

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Although an American, Zac has lived all his life in London, and has, therefore, seen many an English Christmas.
And as the late John Lennon once sand
'And so this is Christmas.....'
'So 2016 was a 'traditional' Christmas - as Pete and Zac put up their Christmas tree in the 'drawing room a day before Christmas eve, (rather than at the end of October or beginning of December as so many people do now), - and there it stayed, unadorned - and then, on Christmas Eve Pete spent the afternoon arranging the baubles, chains and other decorations - all in gold - and the lights (LEDs of course, white and blue on separate circuits), and finally crowning the tree with the German style glass finial (identical to that from the tree in the 1950s).
Garlands of gold tinsel were then put round the baroque mirrors and picture frames.

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2016
Portrait of Pete

And then, in the evening, the presents were opened, (for Christmas Eve is the traditional time to open presents), and a new portrait of Pete was unveiled, and hung as a Christmas addition to the room.'

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Zac in the 'Wonder Room' at Selfridges - in late November
Oxford Street - London - England

For Londoners lucky enough to have enough money spare to spend on Christmas shopping Christmas shopping often starts early, and of course London has some of the best shops to be found for Christmas shopping.

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Zac at Tom Ford - Selfridges - in late November
Oxford Street - London - England

Zac starts his Christmas Shopping early - and one of his favorite shops is Selfridges in Oxford Street

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2016
Zac leaves Selfridges after a Successful Shopping Expedition
note there are no bags - Zac has his shopping delivered to his apartment

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2016
'Zac and Peter Pan'
Kensington Gardens - London - England

And of course, no Christmas would be complete without a visit to 'Peter Pan'.

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'Christmas Zac at the Hylas Fountain'
Regents Park - London - England

'Dreaming of a white Christmas'

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2016
'White is always the Color of Christmas'

Zac and Pete at selfridges - Oxford Street - London - England

part to of the 'Dreaming of a white Christmas' series

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2014
'Destination Christmas'
and this is from two years ago

Zac and Pete in Oxford Street - London - England

part to of the 'Dreaming of a white Christmas' series

to be continued

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